Could You Qualify for a $0 or Low Down Payment Home Loan in Seattle?

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You May Qualify for a Zero or Low Down Payment Home Loan

On the surface, zero or low down loan programs seem too good to be true. We get it. That somehow, you'll find a way that you won't qualify.

Yes, these programs aren't for everyone, but the truth is that there are legitimate, government run programs that people are using to buy homes right now in Seattle, even if you're a first time buyer.

These programs include:

  • State zero down loans
  • Rural zero down loan
  • FHA 3% down
  • Home Possible 3%
  • Home Ready 3% down
  • Special Rent to Own Financing program
  • State zero down programs
  • Rural zero down loans
  • VA loans

‚ÄčAs you can see, there are quite a few programs! Curious what your options might be? Take our free quiz and get a list of programs that you may qualify for based on your situation.

What Will This Quiz Tell You?

This quiz is meant to be a first step in the process... to let you know if there are zero down programs out there for someone in your situation, using loose guidelines. Once you take the quiz and get a better sense of your options, you can talk to us further about getting into the nitty gritty details about whether you will qualify or not. 

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